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Our Signature is our promise

Before we owned the equipment and the facility, we were faithful clients of the embellishment industry. Brokers promised us the world only to subcontract the work to shops flooded with “wholesale” clients who took priority. Our jobs quickly became pawns, subject to someone else's standards, schedule, and whim. Over the years it became clear that the embellishment industry was not faithful to us as customers, so we decided to be the change.

In 2012 CTS opened its doors. Here at CTS there are no middlemen; we ARE the shop. We own the equipment, handpick materials of the highest quality, and hire experienced staff to produce the best product possible for YOU. We proudly emblazon our signature on each custom garment produced at CTS symbolizing our promise is to do everything in our power to ensure a smooth and memorable experience, from first design conversations to your custom garments.

Your priorities are our priorities and if we make a promise, we keep it.

Customer testimonials

"THANK YOU @cts_designs for our creative & trendy t-shirt designs! We know we can always count on y’all for apparel that our staff & athletes LOVE!"


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